Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How can I get into heaven and what can keep me out? Part 1

Do you believe in life after death? Would you say that there is a "place" where one goes after dying? For arguments sake, lets call this place "heaven." It could just as easily be called "paradise." But to simplify matters I will refer to this place as heaven.

What do you think you have to do to get to heaven? Be good? Well, do you have to be absolutely good or just good enough? And to complicate this line of thinking, can you ever know that when you die you will have been good enough and can die in peace with the assurance that you're goinna make it? Can you ever know when you have been good enough?

What do you mean by "good?" What do you mean by "being good?" Who defines good? Is there a standard that determines what is good?

By being good do you include a lifetime of good thoughts, good deeds, and being good to those around you?

When should one begin being good? What do you need to do to keep being good through your entire life?

Do you believe that God sees you as "a good person?"

Do you believe that how you live will be the determinate factor in where you go after you die?

Are you ultimately the one who determines your eternal fate? Can you make the "decision" that determines where you will spend eternity?

Do you believe that you have "sinned?" What is sin? Where does the word sin come from? Is it a ubiquitous concept?

Is sin important in your belief system? Do you ever define the bad things you do as sin? Why? Is there another word you would prefer to use? Is the word sin archaic? Is it too negative in your way of thinking?

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