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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Hollywood Template of Faith: Orange Is The New Black Star Explains It

According to millions of folks on this little planet, Jesus was a wimp, a pansy who "never judged anybody" and never said or did anything that would offend anyone. Read "Orange is the new black" star Harney's thoughts on his "faith" and his version of Jesus here. This is important because Harney's thoughts are typical of the inhabitants of planet earth.

Apparently few people who claim to "follow" Jesus or to "love" Him have read His book. His book was written long before the movies came out, ya know. And those who have read it have clearly only read select parts of it, none of which included Matthew 23 or John 8:44. There are many, many other passages in the gospels that report Jesus judging hypocrites and deceivers and the willfully ignorant. He wasn't the "sweet" Caucasian portrayed in movies and modern paintings that we have come to love. He was and is the Son of God, God the Son, the Christ, Messiah, merciful and mighty, and soon-to-return Lord and Judge of all the earth.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The dangers around us. And why God-called pastors must be diligent

For thousands of years now, the world has been exposed to the damnable heresies spawned by the devil himself. Corrupt Hebrews denying their God and His revelations and love and mercy and patience and kindness so perverted their Savior's words til now they are firmly established in their apostasy. And it began in the beginning when Satan deceived Adam and Eve.

The enemies of Yahweh surrounded God's elect during their early years on through their settlement in the "promised land" and enticed them into conforming to them rather than to God's will for them. Judaism quickly became a man-centered religion. Today, the relatively few who still believe in God or a god, worship a god of their own making.

Behind the obvious, the way life appears on the surface and the direction history has taken, God has been and still is working out His plan of redemption, justification through faith in Christ, reconciliation and wrath. Neither major worldly events nor minor worldly events fall outside of God's economy. Behind every major headline is God.

False prophets abound...and always have (2 Pet. 2:1-3). False religions including many that profess the name of Jesus Christ, have used the media to their advantage and are deceiving millions of lost souls in our time. But by far, unbelievers, atheists and agnostics, outnumber those who adhere to some particular religious creed. Of the 7+ billion inhabitants of this planet, 1.5 billion are Roman Catholic, 1.5 billion are Muslim, 2+billion are non-Roman Christians, 1+billion are Hindu, and several million follow some pagan religious systems. (Don't hold me to those figures; they aren't exact or the latest figures).

The folks who sit in the pews of the world's so-called "churches" have been sold a bill of goods that has little resemblance to the gospel of Jesus Christ or the true body of Christ. Extreme teachings on tolerance and all-things politically correct have moved church leaders and their dupes into kicking the Bible out the door. This is evident in the debates over same-sex marriage, homosexuality in general, the reality of hell and God's wrath, and the exclusivity of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.

There are exceptions. There are many men and women of God, God-called men and women, who preach the unadulterated word of God, some well-known, but most unknown. They are, however, being overshadowed by the likes of the Osteens, the Copelands, the Hinns of our day, Joyce Meyer and a thousand other lesser known Pentecostals, Word of Faith heretics and mega-church, multi-site pastors. And the danger is that many of the folks who occupy otherwise godly assemblies have bought what these liars and deceivers are selling. Many of the people who attend the church where I'm a member love Joel and Victoria Osteen and Joyce Meyer. A man of God who pastored a church near my home was fired mainly because he spoke out against (and named names) the false teachers/prophets/bishops/apostles who appear on our televisions.

God is clearly going to hold us accountable for compromising the gospel in accordance with what is popular in our time (2 Cor.2:14-17;  James 3:1ff). God-called pastors as well as false shepherds are given the command to "preach the word" (2 Tim. 4:1-5). We are also commanded to be diligent in our study and delivery of God's word (2 Tim. 2:15).

Ear-scratching preachers/teachers give all too clear evidence that they are not God-called men and women. They who please man as an end cannot please God. And, those who fail to guard their flocks against heresy will give account to God.