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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Islamic Terrorists: The Children of Muhammad: Part 1

And you thought the Vietnam War was unpopular. Ha!

Being that our war against Islamists involves what the world of leftist liberals sees as a war against a "great world religion," it should come as no surprise (but it does) that Islamic terrorists and their supporters (which I identify as all Muslims who sit by silently while these terrorists have their horrific way with those whom they disagree with or hate, which is, well, everybody else) have owned the title "Victims." And haven't we Americans always rooted for the underdog? Duh, wake up, America and the (still) free world. This underdog is a ravaging beast in disguise. Think, "oh those poor immigrants." Oh, check this out for an example of Islamic victimhood.

But Islam is a truly great world religion, isn't it? Yeah, right. And Jim Jones was a swell pastor.

Karen Armstrong, a world renowned scholar on world religions, writes that Islam is at its heart political (see her book, Islam). And it has always been so. However, Islam is political with a perverted twist, it is the worst kind of coming together of politics and religion.

In the book series entitled Beliefnet, the book on Islam written by two American Muslims, declares that Islam is a cult of Christianity. After all, Muhammad grew up in a pagan tribe surrounded by Roman Catholics and Jews. He knew something of the Jewish scriptures as well as the Roman Catholic Bible (some of his extended family was RC). But when he declared himself a prophet and desired to be accepted by all and was rejected, he began having visions given by an angelic being that confirmed in his mind and spirit that he was being called by his favorite god, Allah, as a new prophet. And the last and greatest prophet.

Muhammad sought to incorporate Jewish and Christian scriptures into his new religion while receiving new revelations that would override said scriptures and would become the Qur'an. And like Joseph Smith would do centuries later, he charged that all other scripture had been perverted and altered so that they were to be rejected and replaced with the Qur'an. Joseph Smith, of course, replaced the scriptures with his writings while claiming to believe the Bible at the same time. And like Muhammad, Smith received his damnable heresies from an angelic being (read Galatians 1:6-9 recently?)

The damnable teachings of Islam and Mormonism are products of false prophets who preached another Jesus and another gospel preached to them by a demon (fallen angelic being) and must be declared by disciples of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, God in the flesh, anathema. "Let them be accursed."