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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The "No Problem" Generation

Years ago I thanked a fast food employee as she slid my order two inches in front of her on the counter forcing me to lean over closer to her than I wanted to be. She responded with, "No problem." I thought it odd. I had never heard that phrase before. Since then it has become pandemic. My wife and I got that very response from a fast food employee in London, England, two years ago. In America it would have been merely an epidemic, but with the spread into Europe, it became pandemic, like the Coronavirus.

The problem here is not necessarily the employee's, it is mine for thanking her in the first place, she is supposed to thank her customers for their deciding to buy their food at her store. I should be saying, "Well, young lady, you're welcome." But if you stand there expecting a fast food employee to say thank you, you'll stand there ad infinitum and your food will get cold and if you have fries they'll get rubbery. By the way, at Chick fil'a, you will always get a proper "How may I serve you, sir? It is my pleasure to serve you sir. And, sir, thank you for your service to our country."

But now at our favorite locally owned restaurant I'm hearing the same response from our adult servers. "No problem." Well, of course it's no problem, it's your job to bring my order to my table and I'm going to leave you a 20% + tip. And mind you, this is a minor annoyance compared to how fast food employees act like I'm putting them out of their way to wait on me. I'm glad they don't expect a tip.

Have our young people never been taught to say thank you? Or, are they just as rude and inconsiderate as they appear to be? No problem sounds so flippant and in-your-face so "I don't care if you ever come back to my restaurant."

Does "no problem" annoy anyone else? That's a really great question.

It has been a long, long time since I have used my blog. With the Coronavirus scare keeping me at home and away from my church family at Eastway Baptist Church in Charlotte, N.C., I'm going to start it back up. I hope you will join me and follow my blog.