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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Senate candidate John Thompson proclaims war against the white man.

 Have you seen the footage? This man is the devil incarnate. He is the antithesis of Martin Luther King, jr. He has put the white man on notice, "prepare for war, you white blah blah blah." And there are thousands of people in our nation who are rallying behind him, having drank the kool aid, including many blind and ignorant white people. If he does what he threatens to do, there will be blood, white homeowners defending themselves, their families and their homes against attacks perpetrated by this man and others like him. 

The question I and millions of my fellow country men have is, "How far will our government let this go before our nation is put under martial law?" It looks like many governors and mayors and our elected officials in DC are willing to just sit by and let this play out. In fact, they support the anarchy and the violence. They are afraid to stand up against it lest they too be labeled racists.

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