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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Kanye West walks on water while false teacher Joel Osteen cheers him on while standing on water

 Surely you have seen the news. It was the "West and Osteen Show." The Kanye West Choir walks out on the water walking on a clear underwater walkway and standing on a clear underwater platform where they do their thing on top of the clear water. They are followed by the man himself along with his children who are then followed by the man himself, Joel Osteen. It was a spectacle worthy of old P.T. Barnum himself. 

And believe it or not, I still hold out hope for Kanye that he was genuinely converted to faith in Christ but is a really confused and deceived babe in Christ. Call me the eternal optimist.

New converts, genuine converts, often experience "spiritual culture shock," coming out of one radical lifestyle in their former culture into life in Christ, which baptizes them into a culture so radically different from the one they were rescued out of that their new life and faith are confusing. To Kanye, Osteen is a Christian and a world-renowned pastor. He is certainly world renowned but he is not Christian. Kanye doesn't yet know the difference. He is like another celebrity who has supposedly come to faith in Jesus, Justin Bieber. But with both celebrities, there are red flags everywhere. The fruit of repentance is just not there...yet. I myself embraced some pretty strange and unbiblical theology in my first year as a disciple of Christ and for the first month as a new believer, sin continually raised its ugly head. So, yes, I can sympathize and empathize with Kanye. 

My suggestion to Kanye and Justin is to find a Bible believing, Bible teaching, Bible practicing local congregation to call home.

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